We love Making Ideas come to Life. We Love Recycling and Old World Designs and... Etsy

~~~~~ Anything Is Possible ~~~~~
All ideas for custom work are considered. While we do specialize in Celtic designs, we LOVE designing new ideas for jewelry. We have designed jewelry based on nothing but written descriptions, crudely draws sketches to photos of everything from animals to highly detailed knotwork and photos of other jewelry- as well as other CAD designed renders given to us. We can make a matching band for almost any ring you already have. We love a challenge and love that we can offer personalized jewelry that will last a lifetime.

~~~~~ Back Story ~~~~~
Mike has been working in Jewelry since 2003. He started off in a high-end Custom Jewelry store that Mike co-owned in Fort Collins Colorado. He decided to leave the physical shop in 2010 to allow for more travel and freedom in his life. Starting off by moving to Chicago to get in touch with the local arts, and to open a spoon ring shop here on Etsy (Spoonier). He did this by combining his passions for upcycled jewelry and recycling antiques Always with the idea that the years of Celtic designs that had been accumulating on a hard drive would be brought to life in the future.

~~~~~ CelticEternity is Born ~~~~~
With hundreds of designs waiting to be born, a CAD machine working day & night and a bit of sterling silver that has already been cleaned and ready for casting- he began. He was already working on side custom jewelry jobs for the people who knew how to find him. With a goal of being as Eco Friendly as possible he was finally able to launch a Celtic Jewelry line -which still only displays a fraction of what Mike has designed. Being able to touch base with our heritage, be creative and work from home is what it's about.

~~~~~ Duties ~~~~~
Mike does all of the designing, CAD renders, conflict-free stone finding, wax cleaning, investing and casting, customer service and photography. He also runs his Etsy vintage & antique camera shop: BrassLens, and finds spoons to bend for Spoonier.

Traci helps finish most of the Celtic rings as fast as she can with a background in the Arts and mold making, this mama is a machine on the bench!

Tami ships and quality inspects before shipping and manages Spoonier as well.

Mike & Crew

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